Our Story

The Way It Should Be 

Before Mauve Beauty, I was mostly a career-driven individual with a heavy background in attaining higher education. After completing graduate school with a major in Criminal Justice and a few more degrees I wanted to do something more free, outside of the corporate world. And here I am. 

I decided to start Mauve Beauty Co crafting natural body and hair care products to understand the essential properties of ingredients that love our skin and hair. Most times we use products that fail to deliver consistent results and does the opposite of the benefits they claim to deliver. The not-so-good ingredients usually make up as unnecessary fillers. We promise to offer a product that soften and conditions the hair, promotes growth, and strengthens the scalp. Our body products will leave your skin soft, even, and glowing. 

We handcraft and carefully select our products in Pittsburgh, PA and test them on our family to ensure our hair and skin benefits from the use of quality plant-based products. Check it out and start shopping today.